Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Advice Received

As many of you know we had a mad libs RSVP card.  The last part of the mad libs was advice.

It asked the following: Remember to _____(advice)______,  _____(advice)______, and especially _____(advice)______ for a successful and _____(adjective)______ marriage.

Here are our favorite responses both funny and serious.  (The names have been withheld to protect the innocent and so that I can write out the funny ones).

Remember to always be selfless and especially forgiving for a successful and God honoring marriage.

Remember to laugh often, forgive fully and especially play for a successful and fulfilling marriage.

Remember to lubricate, please each other and especially spend extra time for a successful and enjoyable marriage.

Remember to make fun of each other and especially yourself for a successful and quirky marriage.

Remember to never fry bacon in the nude and especially not in bed for a successful and grease free marriage.

Remember to put the toilet seat down, run barefoot and especially play tag in your underwear for a successful and fluffy marriage. 

Remember to put your cap on your toothpaste and especially sing in the shower for a successful and perky marriage.

Remember, mo shorties, mo problems and especially double-tap for a successful and lethal marriage.

Remember to love, laugh and especially =) wink, wink for a successful and blessed marriage.

Remember to put the Lord first, honor and respect each other and especially listen to one another for a successful and blessed marriage.

Remember to brush your teeth, snuggle and especially kiss for a successful and delightful marriage.

Remember to laugh, say "I love you" and especially love unconditionally for a successful and enduring marriage.

Remember to read, climb trees and especially play board games for a successful and juicy marriage.

Remember to listen to one another well and especially learn to say I'm sorry for a successful and vivacious marriage.

Remember to slow down, communicate and especially have lots of sex for a successful and fruitful marriage.

Remember to wash, rinse and especially repeat for a successful and shampooey marriage.

Remember to listen, listen and especially listen for a successful and joyful marriage.

Remember to pray, serve each other and especially fight naked for a successful and beautiful marriage.

Remember to live with understanding, keep Jesus as your first love and especially forgive quickly as you have been forgiven for a successful and beautiful marriage.

Remember to kiss and make up quickly and especially laugh a lot for successful and sexy marriage.

Remember to count your coins, flog your carpets and especially brush your shoulders off for a successful and happy marriage.

Remember to stay classy, eat your vegetables and especially work out for a successful and happy marriage.

Remember to fight naked and especially give a lot of high 5's for a successful and the coolest marriage ever!

Remember that marriage keeps you in love, not the love keeps you married.

Remember to comb your hair, build cousin pyramids and especially name me the godfather of your future children for a successful and long lasting marriage.

Remember to kiss, dance and especially date for a successful and awesome marriage.

Remember to floss, never trust a fart and especially wipe for a successful and nutritious marriage.

Remember to kiss, have lots of sex and especially laugh for a successful and romantic marriage.

Remember to floss, build many armies in Australia and especially root blue for a successful and McG-esque marriage.

Remember to eat well, kiss a lot and especially shake hands often for a successful and memorable marriage.

Remember to compromise, don't expect the other person to read your mind and especially listen well for a successful and less stressful marriage.

Remember to play and pray together and especially put God first for a successful and lasting marriage.

Remember to brush, tongue scrape and especially floss for a successful and minty marriage.

Remember to never go to bed angry, always kiss and especially make up for a successful and happy life marriage.

Remember to put God first, love in the way God calls and especially pray daily for a successful and God honoring marriage.

Remember to put the toilet seat down, and especially take time for each other for a successful and loving marriage.

We hope that you enjoyed some of our advise, we sure enjoyed getting it!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Starting our Lives Together...Starting a Blog

So, this is the first post on "our" blog.  The majority of the blogs will be by Nicole, actually, all of the blogs will be from me.  Maybe one day Ryan will post, but probably not.  I am not holding my breath for it, you shouldn't either. 

We are 10 days away from being married and I am so excited to become Mrs. McG!

This blog was also started as a huge Thank You card to those people who helped us furnish our home by buying the things that we needed to start our lives together.  My goal as a new wife and blogger is to use everything that we have received in the first year that we are married.  I have heard of couples that don't use everything that they get or forget about it but I don't want to be one of those people.  I have waited years to have a kitchen with specific items in it or a bedroom that looks amazing to share with a husband, I am so grateful for the gifts that we have received and plan to use them all.  So, for those of you that gave us gifts, thanks so much!!  We are so blessed by them and hope that you will be blessed seeing how they are put to use!